A lot of people think when a car has a protective film or a ceramic coating that you don’t need to wash your car regularly. Everything starts with a proper and frequent washing of the exterior of your car. As much as using a protective film is an excellent option for your car, applying it has some downsides. Below are the drawbacks of applying paint protection to your surface. Xpel is an industry leader in automotive paint protection products. Some different styles of paint protection film from XPEL include XPEL Ultimate Plus, XPEL Stealth, XPEL Interior Protection, XPEL Armor, and more. If you intend to use your car for an extended time, apply a durable paint protection film.

Car paint protection film how

Which is better, paint protection film or ceramic coating, depends on your needs and budget. Ceramic coating lasts between 2 and 5 years and costs from $300 to $3,000. Both options are high-end and long-lasting, but PPF usually lasts a few years more, provides better protection, and offers self-healing properties. Paint Protection Film is often compared with Ceramic Pro Coating, however the two are quite different and serve different purposes. CeramicPro, while adding a minor level of protection to your vehicle’s paint, still isn’t able to protect it from rock chips and scratches. Paint Protection film on the other hand, is designed to provide your vehicle with this protection. Because of its thickness and composition, small rocks and other road debris are not able to break through the film.

What is Self Healing Paint Protection Film?

The factors that determine a car’s value include quality and mileage. Gladly, keeping the car in top condition helps maintain high resale value. Most buyers need immaculate vehicles, and paint is a critical part of the first impression. This polyurethane film from SunTek is remarkable for being “self-healing” and boasts a thickness of 8 mils.

Types of Clear Paint Protection Films

If you are a car owner, you might have heard of PPF coating as a way to protect your car’s… We also offer special pricing for Tesla owners along with free charging while being serviced on a Level 2 Tesla charger. Contact us today to inquire about any of our services including, wheel off cleaning, headlight restoration,  vinyl wraps, chrome delete or a new vehicle service. The purity and quality of the water have a direct impact on the installation’s quality. It is also critical to maintaining the cleanliness of the water sprayer.

It prevents chipping, scratching, and discoloration caused by exposure to harsh weather and other environmental factors. Secondly, PPF is self-healing, meaning it can automatically repair minor scratches and swirl marks caused by washing or using automatic car washes. Finally, PPF enhances the appearance of the vehicle and maintains its original shine, giving it a factory finish that lasts longer than traditional waxing or detailing. Paint Protection Film, commonly known as PPF, is a durable and transparent polyurethane film applied to a vehicle’s exterior to provide long-lasting protection against road hazards. Read more about Lackschutzfolierung here. PPF is specifically designed to protect a vehicle’s paint from fading, discoloration, and minor damages, keeping the surface looking new while preserving its resale value. XPEL offers a variety of paint protection films, each designed to provide maximum protection for your car.

PPF has self-healing properties, which means that light scratches and scrapes on the film can disappear over time. The film’s topcoat is designed to automatically repair itself, ensuring that minor blemishes do not leave a permanent mark on the surface of your vehicle. Although pressure washers are excellent at cleaning your car, they might harm the paint protection coating.